Dartboards are more complicated than you can imagine. It may look simple at the surface, but there are so many factors that you need to consider to find the best electronic dart board. It’s easy to pick any type of dart board, but if you already know what you need, it would be a bit of a challenge for you.

We listed down some of the factors that can affect your decision when buying an electronic dart board.

Choosing the Best Electronic Dart Board

1. Dartboard Face

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The first thing that you need to check is the face of the dartboard because it is the one that would determine the quality of the item. Well, you need to choose an aesthetically-appealing design, but you also need to make sure that the surface is made from high-quality materials to prevent immediate wear and tear.

When you throw the darts, they pin themselves in the dartboard face, so you need to check if the segment holes are concave in shape. With this kind of design, you can reduce the number of bounce-outs, and the darts will be easily deflected to the holes.

You need to check the segment dividers as well because they have to be super thin. You don’t want your darts to land on the spider wires, so they have to be extremely thin so you won’t hit them.

2. Size

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After checking the materials used in the face of the dartboard, the next important factor to consider is the size of the target area. If you are looking for a dartboard that is within the regular size of electronic models, you need to look for a diameter of 15.5 inches.

You should also know that tournament-style surfaces are larger than electronic models because they have a regulation size of 18 inches. You don’t need to buy the bigger models because even 15.5 inches is enough for practice or entertainment. If you’re not planning to go pro, then you should stick with the electronic models.

3. Number of Players

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The number of players that would play on a dart board is another important consideration. This is closely related to the size of the surface because if there are a lot of players who are going to play, you need a bigger dartboard.

If you are going to put the dartboard in your game room for personal use, you can opt for the smaller versions. If you plan to put the dartboard in a public area and you expect more than 10 people to play it at the same time, you should opt for the competition-type boards as they can accommodate more players.

4. Sound Effects

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Most of you might say that the sound effect of the dart board is the least of your concern. However, you will surely be surprised that a lot of people are looking into dart boards with amazing sounds. There are two reasons why you should be looking at the sound effects of the dart boards:

  • Sound effects can help you learn the rules of playing darts easily. If you’re a beginner, you can easily master the scoring rules if you can hear the sound effects produced by an electronic dart board. You will also know if your shooting accuracy is improving through the help of its Heckler feature.

  • Sound effects can also create an exciting mood while you’re playing. Whether you’re just practicing or you are playing with your friends, the combination of the lights and sound effects can offer a lot of fun and laughter. This is true with the Heckler feature because it will scold or praise you depending on the shots that you make.

5. Display

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One of the reasons why most people buy an electronic dart board is because of the display. This is something that a traditional dart board doesn’t have, and it provides more convenience when you’re playing.

With a proper display, you can see the scores automatically. If you want the best electronic dart board, the display should be big enough for all the players to see. The display should be clear and crisp even when you’re far away.

Most of the dart boards with a large display are usually more expensive, but it is totally worth your investment.

6. Source of Power


When you’re buying an electronic dart board, you need to know its source of power. Take note that there are dart boards that are powered by AC or DC.

If it’s powered by AC, you need to be sure that an adapter is included in the item when you buy it. You also need to make sure that there is an outlet on the wall where the electronic dart board will be installed. The main benefit of an AC-powered dart board is that you can play for as long as you want. You won’t have to worry about battery replacement.

DC-powered dart boards are popular because you can bring them anywhere you want. Even if there is no outlet nearby, you and your friends can enjoy a game of darts. However, you should check the batteries before you buy them. You can check if the batteries can be recharged, or you need to buy new ones when the old one is already drained.

7. Cost

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You have to be prepared with the cost because electronic dart boards are several times more expensive than a traditional model. The sound effects, display, and other electronic features made it more expensive.

You need to choose a model based on your available budget. You need to check all the features first and choose the one that would fit your finances.


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Choosing an electronic dart board can be a bit complicated, but once you’ve got all the basics, you can easily pick the one that would fit your preferences. Whether you are planning to use it for business or you only want it for entertainment purposes, you need to choose the best one so you can have an amazing dart experience.

If you are looking for the best electronic dart boards in the market, we’ve got all the amazing models that you’re looking for.