Playing darts with your family and friends is definitely a great way to relieve stress and to have fun. Scoring is part of the game, and there are clear winners and losers. This is where an electronic dart scoreboard comes in. While traditional pen and paper are still an option, electronic scoreboards provide more convenience and accuracy.

If you want your darts experience to be more convenient and accurate, it is better to use an electronic scoreboard. Do you have any idea how to pick the right one? We will help you choose the right scoreboard and give you a few suggestions on the best models to buy.

How to Choose an Electronic Dart Scoreboard

Buying an electronic scoreboard for your darts is a personal preference. Most of them have the same features, so it’s not too difficult to pick one. However, to prevent yourself from buying cheap and low-quality scoreboards, we created this buying guide to give you a heads up on what you should look for before you buy one.

1. Types of Dart Scoreboards

To begin, you need to know the different types of dart scoreboards available in the market.

  • Digital Dart Scorers

If you want to use a dart scorer that would keep track of the scores for multiple players, this is the type of model that you need to get. It’s getting more popular lately because it is very simple to use and it provides a lot of functionality and more convenience. The best feature of this type of scorer is you can track the scores of multiple players without a sweat.

With digital scorers, you can record error-free scoring, and you can even start a new scoring table with a press of a button.

  • Dry-Erase Scoreboards

This is the standard type of scoreboard used for regular dart games. It is not as good as the digital options we have right now, but for most beginners, this is a good start to learn how to play the game.

These scorers are also cheap, so if you are on a tight budget and you don’t have enough money to buy an electronic model, this would be an ideal choice for you. This will be a good start if you want to know how to properly calculate the scores while playing darts.

  • Darts Scorer Apps

Mobile phones have become an extension of your body, and you always bring them with you no matter where you go. Because of this, darts scorer apps became very popular for most darts players. It’s very simple because you only need to download the app to use it.

Scoring apps provide a convenient and portable way to track your scores. However, some of them are not free, and there are also issues about accuracy.

2. Check the Size

Size matters when it comes to electronic scoreboards. The goal is to make sure that the people beyond the oche can still see the scores clearly. However, you don’t need a really large scoreboard because it will only be a hindrance, especially if the space is not too big. You want the space to be occupied by the dartboard and not the scorer.

If you are buying online, make sure that you check the dimensions carefully because there are models that are too large and too heavy. They are usually cheaper but don’t get fooled by these models.

3. Affordability

Since we are talking about electronic scoreboards, you should expect that the price is a bit higher compared to other options. If you want your dartboard to look more professional, investing in a high-quality electronic scoreboard is a must. Although scoring apps are almost free, they have issues with accuracy, and the scores are not visible to everyone.

You can see a wide range of electronic scoreboards in the market along with their features and cost. Look for different models with the same features and make a comparison of their prices. Choose the one with the best price.

Top Electronic Scoreboards for Darts

1. Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer

Viper ProScore Electronic Dart Scorer | Viper, Dart board, Dartboards

The Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer is a simple electronic scoreboard that uses a keypad to input the scores. It also has an LED readout that would display various information at once.

However, it is not beginner-friendly as it comes with a lot of symbols and buttons that are difficult to understand. However, once you’ve figured out how to use it, you will realize that it can handle 40 different games and over 655 variations.

It comes with an auto-off mode and sleep mode to help save battery, and it can support up to 8 players.

2. Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer

The Viper model is made for those who already know how to play, but the Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer is made for both beginners and advanced players.

You’ll get a digital board on the right-hand part of the score. If you want to put a score, you just need to touch the point that you hit on the board. It is very easy to use, so even if you have no idea how this game works, you just need to press the same spot that you hit, and you’ll know your score.

This board can support up to 4 different games, and you can sync it with bristle boards. You can also use this when there are eight players in total, and it will follow the rules for 24 game types.

3. Arachnid LCD Electronic Touch Pad Dart Scorer

Arachnid LCD Touchpad Scorer - Easy To Use - Electronic Darts Scoring |  Darts Corner

The Arachnid LCD Electronic Touch Pad Dart Scorer is like a lower version of the previous Arachnid electronic scoreboard. It can only support up to 18 types of games, but it can be used by up to 8 players as well.

It comes with the same features as the previous Arachnid model, but it is a more affordable option.


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Convenience is only one of the benefits that an electronic dart scoreboard can provide. Using the traditional method is not a bad idea, but if you want to focus on the game instead of computing and calculating the scores, you can let the electronic scorer do its magic. You will have to spend a bit of money, but it is totally worth it if you want you and your family to enjoy the game.

If you want to look for top-of-the-line and affordable electronic dart scoreboards, we have a wide range of options to choose from.