Poker is an incredibly fun multiplayer game. You might be playing for fun with neighbors. Others prefer gathering friends and boosting the adrenaline with real money stakes. But whatever your way of playing, you need the best poker table out there. This article singles out the top choices available in the market. It covers everything from a foldable poker table top option to premium options. Read our reviews below and pick your favorite!

What Are the Best Poker Tables for Game Night?

It all depends on your preference. These features will help with the selection:

  • Type. Some only serve for poker, but others double as dining tables.

  • Size. The actual dimensions should fit the designated locations.

  • Seating places. How many players can be at the table?

  • Design. You can pick from classic round to oval, octagon, and other shapes.

  • Price. Poker table costs can vary significantly, so choose your budget first.

Check out the above characteristics and consider your preferences before proceeding to the table description below!

1. Kestell 48” Oak Compact Folding Table


Kestell 8 Player 48" Oak Compact Folding Table – The Game Room Plus


  • Dimensions: 42” side to side (48” diameter)
  • Height: 29 ½ inches
  • Material: Oak
  • Player positions: 8


This table comes in an octagon shape and offers eight seats. Each player has its section, including the area where they can put a drink. The room per person isn’t impressive since the total table diameter is 48 inches.

The manufacturer used oak as the material. It results in a high-quality table that looks classy. You can pick from eight different upholstery options. That includes multiple colors of billiard fabric and vinyl. As for the oak finish, you can pick from six options. They range from Spanish to natural and fruitwood oak. That’s important since it ensures the design fits the overall room’s décor.

This poker game table is foldable, and that’s a huge advantage. It features sturdy legs with a durable locking mechanism. It only takes seconds to get the table ready. The unit takes minimum space when folded.

2. BBO Poker Tables The Ultimate Poker Table Jr



  • Dimensions: 82x44x30 inches
  • Weight: 70 pounds
  • Player positions: 8


If you need the best folding poker table, you can’t go wrong with BBO’s products. This unit comes with a reinforced frame to secure the required sturdiness. You’ll notice metal fittings in the heavy-duty steel legs. They connect to the table to guarantee stability.

The product features eight seating places, and each player has a generous space available. The cup holders ensure there’s no risk of the table getting wet. Furthermore, the holders can help to keep your drink cold longer. The table also has a premium armrest, which is removable.

Although it’s foldable, this table is of premium quality. It weighs 70 pounds, and help might be necessary to move it. The idea is to offer a space-saving unit to dedicated poker players. Depending on your style, you can pick between four velveteen cloth colors. The manufacturer also offers an optional speed-cloth upgrade. It ensures faster card sliding and adds water resistance to the fabric.

3. Sunset Trading Vegas Dining and Poker Table Top



  • Dimensions: 48” diameter
  • Weight: 73 pounds
  • Player positions: 5


Here is an intriguing combination of a dining and poker game table set. The manufacturer designed this as a round unit that accommodates up to five persons. With a 48-inch diameter, there’s plenty of room for each player. You’ll also have a 3.25-inch cup holder to accommodate your drinks. 

As for the playing surface, it’s 36.5 inches in diameter. It’s convenient that there are six chip slots, which helps to avoid confusion. The table itself weighs 73 pounds, but the overall package is heavier because of the chairs. They weigh 23 lbs. each. As for their seating capacity, it’s 300 pounds per chair. The chairs have a thick cushion for comfort.

4. BBO Ginza LED Poker Table


BBO Poker Tables The Ginza LED Poker Table – The Game Room Plus


  • Dimensions: 55x55x31.5 inches
  • Weight: 130 pounds
  • Player positions: 8


BBO designed one of the best poker tables around. It serves for gaming, but you can also convert it to a dining space. It takes adding a special top that you buy separately. The same applies to chairs – these upgrades are available in eight different colors.

The table offers four velveteen cloth options. Ginza even comes in two leg styles to help pick based on your décor. The table features attractive black gloss for a premium gaming appearance. The legs made from solid oak secure impressive stability.

The poker table features eight cup holders. You’ll also notice removable armrest fabric from faux leather. It features high-density foam to ensure comfort during long sessions. You can plug the table into a 110V outlet to activate LED lights. They add to the overall atmosphere, especially when playing at night.

5. Ram Game Room 84” Texas Hold’em Table



  • Dimensions: 84x48x30 inches
  • Weight: 191 pounds
  • Player positions: 8


Ram Game Room advertises this table primarily for Texas Hold’em. You can use it for other poker variants, especially if you like plenty of room per player. The table is 84 inches long, so make sure there’s enough space to place it.

This table looks great, and it will fit different decors. You can pick from English Tudor to slate and cappuccino colors. Depending on the selection, this unit can look both modern and elegant.

You get assembly instructions to ensure the setup goes smoothly. The legs and pedestal of solid wood secure maximum stability. The poker table top features the same material for added durability. The playing surface is vinyl with generous padding. Each player has a stainless steel cup holder.


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Final Thoughts

A foldable poker table top version is a huge space saver. You can assemble it when necessary and turn any area into a game room. Versatile poker tables that double as dining options are also convenient. And there are the professional options that will make you feel like in a casino.

Whichever your preference, you can order a poker table online. Premium stores have a selection that fits all price ranges. Pick the table that fits best, and the game night can begin!