Not everyone has a game room, but most families would love to have one, especially if they have a lot of kids. Even if you only have a small space in the house, there are so many video game room ideas that would turn it into a full-blown entertainment area.

We can help you figure out the best design for your home entertainment regardless of its size. However, you have to take note that the design of the gaming room should depend on your personal preference.

Video Game Room Ideas

1. Go with Full Table Games

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When you talk about sophisticated, it’s not always about modern things. Sometimes, throwing in some traditional games would make it more appealing. Most game rooms are now focused on video games. You add in a PlayStation 5, VR Games, movie entertainment, and more, but it’s not the only idea that you can focus on.

Start with full table games. You can add billiards at the center, which is usually the basic table game added on entertainment rooms. A ping pong table would be a choice as well if you are a bit sporty.

Add multiple tables where you can place other table games like Scrabble, The Millionaire’s Game, Snakes & Ladders, and more. This is more appealing if you have small kids in the house. You can always update the games once they grow up.

2. The Typical Game Room

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We can also check out the typical game room where you add video arcades, a pool table in the middle, and a dartboard at the side. You usually add a movie entertainment area and a small bar for food and drinks.

This is what a typical game room looks like, but you can make it more sophisticated by adding unique designs around the room. You can put your game collections on the side or make some simple renovations. Change the color of the walls. Tiles with a wooden look can be a good choice. You can also make everything white to make your room look larger.

Adding an accent wall can also change the atmosphere of the room. You can use brick tiles to give a bit of an earthy flavor to the entertainment area. Your typical game room just turned into a full-blown modern gaming area.

3. Ambient Lighting

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One of the most important things to consider when looking at video game room ideas is the lighting. If you plan to create a full video game room, natural lighting is not a good idea. Take note that gaming may take several hours and once the sun sets, you won’t have any natural lighting for the room. It won’t be a good idea for people who are living in places where the sun only stays for a few hours.

The best choice would be ambient lighting as it complements the lights coming from the games that you’re playing. Whether the room is only meant for a single player or you plan to add more computers or video games to the room, the lighting should be sufficient to give you a more enhanced gaming experience.

If you plan to use it for video games, you can use LED strips, disco lights, and overhead lighting. However, you have to keep in mind that RGB deflections can actually strain your eyes. You should never overdo the lighting to prevent any optical damage. Gaming sessions take several hours so opt for targeted ambient lighting.

4. Choose your Wall Décor

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While it is true that the gaming setup and the hardware make up the entertainment room, you need to pay attention to the wall decoration as well. Your wall decors don’t have to stand out. They just need to complement the lighting and the setup that you’ve made on the room.

You can place multiple printouts of your favorite games or you can buy ready-made posters. If you’re a fan of anime, a lot of people are using them as wall decorations in their gaming rooms.

If you have some budget, you can turn one of the walls into a complete art of the Marvel Universe. You can use your favorite anime as well if you’re not a fan of Marvel.

5. Sports Style Game Room

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One of the best things about game rooms is that you can customize them the way you want. If you love sports, you can add different types of sports games that can be played in a closed space. You can add a ping pong table in your room, including a chessboard, pile up a few dartboards, and if you have a pretty big space, you can put a small basketball court or bowling hall.

Actually, there are even houses that are so big that they created a mini-golf course inside the entertainment area. Well, if you’re not a millionaire, then you should opt for sports that only require small spaces.

To finish up the room, you can add video games related to sports and include sports decorations on the walls.

6. Soundproofing

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This particular tip is not really for beautification, but it is meant to provide more convenience inside the house. The sounds coming from the entertainment area might be too loud and it may disturb the rest of the house or your neighbors.

If you want to enjoy yourself without disturbing others, soundproofing the game room is one of the best things to do. A simple paneling of the doors and windows or adding a rubber lining can already lessen the sound coming from the room.

No one would bother you while playing since the loud sounds from your computer are not disturbing other people.


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There are tons of video game room ideas that you can try if you want to renovate one of your rooms. Although it is not a necessity, adding an entertainment area can give more reasons for your kids to stay at home. Since the pandemic is not yet over, designing a gaming room can definitely bring more benefits to you in the long run.

If you want to design a gaming room and you need a few important items to complete it, there are a lot of sites where you can buy amazing gaming room items.