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Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine - PLT-LAT-MA-1_4

Brand: Bells of Steel


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Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine - PLT-LAT-MA-1_4

 Perform pulldowns, cable rows, curls and more with this affordable Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine!


  • 2-in-1 machine
  • Plate loaded style
  • 1:1 pull ratio
  • 450lb cable capacity
  • Aluminum pulleys
  • Band pegs
  • Lat bar included
  • Rack attachment compatible
  • Ships unassembled

Build your back with the versatile and space-efficient Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine.

  • There’s only so many pull-ups and barbell rows you can do before wanting to chuck your bar out the window.
  • But with the Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine, you can pump up your back by injecting dozens of lat pulldown and cable row variations into your training with a single machine.

Benefits of the Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine


  • Versatility is the holy grail for a home gym. So, we designed our plate loaded lat pulldown low row machine to do lat pulldowns AND cable rows using the same machine. Superset the two for a back bolstering superset, or just load up the weight on your low rows to grow a set of Herculean lats. Best of all, the pull of the lat pulldown is straight down, so you don’t have to lean away from the machine like you’re at your first middle-school dance. *Say whaaaaat!* Yeah, take THAT, Cable Pulley.


  • Selectorized machines have their pros, but their con is a big (financial) one. So, we slimmed down our weight stack lat pulldown low row machine by swapping the weight stacks for loadable plate pegs. Use your own Olympic weight plates and save almost a thousand buckeroos. And don’t worry if you change your mind… you can UPGRADE to the weight stack version using our handy-dandy conversion kit. Just reach out to us for more details.


  • Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… our plate loaded lat pulldown low row machine also fits our 2.3″ x 2.3″ power rack attachments. Since there’s only one useable upright, any attachment that needs two uprights is a no-go. But, you can mount a Y-Dip Attachment for a juicy upper body superset, or a couple of Plate Pegs to store some weight plates. And if you’re REAL crafty, you might even attach a landmine to put your own twist on this unit.


Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 220lbs/99.8kg
Minimum Depth 55.5"/1,410mm
Maximum Depth 69”/1,752mm
Width 41.5”/1,054mm
Height 86.5"/2,197mm
Loadable Peg Length 8.5"/216mm
Peg Diameter 1.89"/48mm
Pull Ratio 1:1
Pulley Material Aluminum
Machine Material Steel
Machine Coating Black Powder Coat
Machine Type Plate-Loaded
Steel Thickness 11-Gauge
Cable Capacity 450lbs/204kg
Warranty Limited Lifetime


More AWESOME features of the Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine.

Stainless Steel Lat Bar

  • Our Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine includes a lat pulldown bar, so you can get straight to lifting after assembly. Its stainless steel finish means rust build-up will be as rare as a gym bro actually putting their weights away. Thanks to its rotating centerpiece and those aluminum pulleys, your reps will be so smooth that even extra-creamy peanut butter will get a lil’ jelly.

Curls, Raises, & More

  • Attach the included short chain, clip in your favourite handle attachment, and get your (bodybuilding) pump on! The top cable of the Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine is great for tricep pushdowns and standing ab curls. The bottom is perfect for those bicep curls, shoulder raises and upright rows — just loop a resistance band around the band pegs for the pump of your life 

Reasonably Priced Machine

  • If a weight stack is more your thing, you’ll definitely want to check out our Selectorized Lat Pulldown Machine. That said, we realize that not everyone wants to shell out almost two grand for a beefy beautiful beast. Sometimes, using what you’ve already got (Olympic weight plates) is the greatest flex there is. And with that vision, the Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Low Row Machine was born.

Built For Home Gyms

  • This machine was built to be versatile AND space-efficient — exactly what any home gym needs. Pulldowns, rows & bodybuilding exercises. Storage hooks to stow away your lat bar. Adjustable leg pads & non-slip footplate for lifters of many proportions. Its intelligent design ensures that this won’t be yet another equipment piece left in the corner to make friends with the dust bunnies.

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